Digital Forms

What are Electronic Forms (eForms)?

A digital form or eForm is an electronic version of a paper form. Digital forms are online web pages or electronic documents designed to capture, validate, and submit data in forms processing. But why?

Filling in endless pieces of paperwork is by far one of the most repetitive tasks that businesses have to deal on a daily basis. Printing out forms, filling them in, making copies, and typing up the information back into the computer is extremely tedious work. Moreover, when printouts are lost, reprint costs stack up and processes slow down.

But why go Digital?

We all understand that relying on paper forms is an outdated, inefficient, and error-prone method of collecting and processing information.


Not only does the expense of paper add up over time, you also have to consider how much time and money it takes to print documents, store them in a designated space in your office, and maintain those documents over the years.

Using digital forms gives you access to every form in any location. You save time and money that others are spending on the pre-printed forms.

Filling in forms electronically on your computer or mobile devices eliminates the costs of printing, storing, and distributing paper forms.


The forms can be filled in faster and they are more accurate because digital forms can be looked up automatically and validation of information can be made.

The Added Value of Digital Forms

With digital forms, data can be organized easily according to variables like city, customer name, address, or other important information. That makes looking up and sorting the necessary information easier. Data is always synchronised and the users have access to it from anywhere in the field.

The Benefits

Digital Forms enable organizations to adopt computerized or electronic versions of paper business forms.


Some benefits of using electronic forms instead of paper-based forms to collect data include:

  • Decreased paper storage needs

  • Reduced costs

  • Increased efficiencies

  • Increased customer and employee satisfaction

  • Decreased risks of data loss

  • Streamlined business processes

  • Increased security

  • Improved reporting

  • Improved data quality with real-time validation

Collect Data Digitally

With DocuWare Forms, Web forms are generated which can be accessed via URL, filled out directly in a browser, and transferred right into the document management system for storage.

Mobile forms enable field based workers in any industry to collect data digitally on a mobile or tablet device.


Functioning on iOS or Android devices, these forms improve data transfer between your field and back office operations by replacing paper driven processes with Electronic Data Capture for large mobile work forces.

Decreasing reliance on paper forms also yields additional benefits such as workflow options and integration with other systems.

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