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OneStopSecure Integration

Many organisations out in the market have been using the BEAR software solutions as an alternative to the globally renowned PaperCut Print Management software.

Following the announcement that BEAR Solutions were being liquidated early 2017, Paytec were engaged by the University of Southern Queensland to help!

After a few weeks of back and forth between the team here at Paytec and the Uni we are proud to announce another module development facilitating the integration between PaperCut and OneStopSecure.

The OneStopSecure solution uses innovative technology to allow for payments for tuition, enrolments, events and merchandise that can be made 24/7, anywhere, anytime, with the confidence now that parents / students are also able to allocate funds to cover their copy, print, fax and scan requirements.

Integration for the Uni was important as the investment in the OneStopSecure solution needed to be realised along with the need for a robust print management offering and Paytec have been only too happy to help.

If your organisation has been impacted by the BEAR liquidation, contact Paytec to see if the solutions available are able to assist - 03 8804 1303

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