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3rd party intergration software development

We pride ourselves in having created mutually beneficial platforms where we bring together businesses with specific needs and our 3rd Party developers, who can assist in resolving your needs. 

Paytec Exporter Integration Module

Paytec Exporter is a middleware application between our solutions and many Practice Management Systems (PMS).  TXT, CSV files or Web Services communication is exchanged with the exporter ensuring all new Matter or Client codes are captured. This process is automated and sync's when an organisation creates a new matter or client code. Similarly when matter or client codes are deleted in the PMS, the synchronisation process ensures transactions are only billed to active accounts.

Paytec Exporter currently supports the following Practice Management Systems:

  • Actionstep 

  • Advance Practise Management

  • BHL Insight

  • ESILaw

  • FilePro

  • Infinity Law

  • Lawmaster

  • LEAP on-premise

  • LEAP Cloud (direct Scan to Leap available post PaperCut v15.3 release)

  • LexisAffinity

  • LawWare

  • MYOB Accountants Enterprise

  • MYOB Cloud

  • Open Practice 

  • PCLaw

  • Practise Evolve

  • Reckon

  • Xero

In addition to billing transactions LEAP cloud,  Affinity API and Practice Evolve allows scanned documents to be pushed and attached to the client file.

Practise Management Integration module

These are just a few of the successful integration projects that we have undertaken over the last 6 months

If you have a unique requirement, we would love to hear about it. We will be happy to discuss the outcomes and liaise with the development team on the best way forward.

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