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YSoft SafeQ is a workflow solutions platform designed for organisations looking to manage and reduce print services costs, create more efficient digital workflows and to increase document/3D object security across 2D and 3D devices

In today’s competitive business environment, IT organizations face many challenges. In the area of enterprise office solutions, these challenges usually include reducing costs associated with print, scan and copy services; increasing document security; and improving paper-based workflows to maximize productivity.

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About YSoft SafeQ Workflow Solution Platform

YSoft SafeQ is a workflow solution platform. Today, the platform pillars include print management, document capture and 3D print management.

The platform integrates print management and advanced document capture for your managed print services (MPS) and significantly automates workflows, increases document security and improves productivity. In 3D print management, Y Soft offers a desktop 3D printer integrated with print management and an accounting system.

The YSoft SafeQ platform is modular, allowing you to start with print management, document capture workflows or 3D print management and add the others when you are ready, without paying twice for shared modules.

YSoft SafeQ is offered in different Suites:  YSoft SafeQ Enterprise Suite, YSoft SafeQ Print Management Suite and YSoft SafeQ Workflow Suite. 3D print management is offered through YSoft be3D eDee and is designed specifically for Education.

YSoft SafeQ Print Management and Document Capture Workflows:
Main Benefits
Reduce Costs

Does your company spend too much money for printing and copying? Or even worse, does your company even know how much it spends? YSoft SafeQ offers many features that can help reduce costs:

  • Using the Reporting Module, conduct a comprehensive print audit to understand how much printing, scanning and copying is being done and which individuals, groups or divisions are the heaviest users.

  • Create a company-wide printing policy and enforce the rules with YSoft SafeQ Rule-Based Engine. Track print savings from waste prevention. When users send print jobs that don’t need to be printed (jobs that are reprinted when a mistake was discovered after the job was sent to the printer), users can delete them and only print the version they need.

  • Thanks to the Authentication module, companies no longer need to provide and maintain personal printers for those who print confidential material.

  • Organizations wishing to further reduce print infrastructure costs can reduce the number of servers by utilizing Client Based Print Roaming and YSoft SafeQube 2, a lightweight appliance that can replace costly servers in branch offices.

Increase document security

Every company needs to print documents that may contain confidential or sensitive information. Having these documents left lying on the printer where everybody can see them is a security risk.

  • YSoft SafeQ Authentication module enables to set up different types of authentication such as PIN, username and password or the use company ID card to be able to access the print device. Jobs only print when the job owner authenticates at the printer. This significantly decreases prints exposed in the print tray. For the administrator, setting up access is as simple as replicating the company directory. The administrator can also set up device access and print, scan, copy rights.

  • YSoft SafeQ’s scan workflows use end-to-end encryption to ensure that documents are securely delivered to their pre-defined destinations. Workflows can be defined so that scans are created with PDF passwords.

Improve employee productivity
  • Many paper-based tasks are really time consuming but necessary for the company. Processes like scanning and managing invoices or processing client documents are crucial for the company. Accurate document capture and predefined automated workflows can significantly reduce time spent on these tasks and improve employee productivity. YSoft SafeQ Core and Advanced Workflows modules take the complexity out of scanning. They also provide automated digital document delivery to popular cloud or on-premise systems including file servers, Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox Business and Dropbox Enterprise.

  • Mobile Printing – Employees are more productive when they can print from mobile devices. YSoft SafeQ supports printing from iOS and Android smartphones, laptops and tablets.

  • Print Roaming – Also known as pull-printing, Print Roaming allows users to print from any print device in the organization’s network moving about the office across the hall or across the world to stay productive and access their print jobs. And, with the YSoft Universal Print Driver, IT departments (and employees) do not have to spend time with print driver issues.

YSoft SafeQ Print Management and Document capture modules are:

  • Print Authentication - Key component for securing printer access and identifying users’ or groups of users’ activity. Analyzes usage behaviors and patterns to optimize your print fleet and ensure print governance enforcement.

  • Rule-Based Engine - Enforces cost saving policies easily and changes user behavior. In Rule-Based Printing, common cost saving rules specific to your print, scan and copy environment include forced single to double-sided printing, forced black and white printing and printing to more cost-efficient printers.

  • Core Workflows - With Core Workflows, documents are scanned with basic processing and formatting and delivered to several types of destinations. These workflows include scan to email, scan to folder, where the document is scanned to a folder on the organization’s network and scan to script for customized destinations. Core Workflows allow administrators to create workflows for specific scan tasks and automate delivery to pre-defined destinations such as cloud-based storage or on-premise systems.

  • Advanced Workflows - When more sophisticated document processing and formatting is required, Advanced Workflows meets the challenge. With Advanced Workflows, robust document processing includes OCR (optical character recognition).

  • Credit and Billing - With minimal administrative overhead and a rich set of features, you can account for the printing, copying, and scanning usage and accurately allocate costs by project or billing code. The pay-per-print features make new revenue opportunities possible and inform users of the cost of their job to enable better usage decisions.

  • Mobile Print - Productivity increases when employees can securely print when they want and where they want using their mobile devices. With support for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, the Mobile Print module supports your BYOD initiatives without requiring complicated IT support and being connected to the local network.

  • Reporting - With a simple interface and a comprehensive fact-based overview you can audit your print environment easily. The module analyzes costs for the entire company, a single department or an individual user and helps understand printer usage.

  • Print Roaming® - This module provides secure access to documents from any authorized printer in the printing environment. Documents follow the user and are available when and where the user needs them, be it locally or around the world.

  • Client Based Print Roaming provides the benefits of Print Roaming plus reduced infrastructure cost through fewer servers by using the client workstation for job processing.


Go Paperless

Modernize your office by freeing up valuable and costly space. How about a move to the Cloud? 


Automate Processes

Digitize everyday processes such as accounts payable and employee onboarding.


Stay Compliant

Ensure availability of diocumetns and data with full audit trail and role-based access controls


With Automated Scan Workflows, administrators can easily create automated workflows for accurate document capture, processing and delivery to pre-defined destinations. Learn how different organizations are eliminating paper-based processes with more efficient and productive workflows.



High volume and tight deadlines need timely and efficient processing.



Government documents have to be cost-efficiently stored and searchable for a long time



Automated scan workflow designed to prompt for user input to navigate through the network file system and defined to be as PDF pages preppended to the selected document.



Documents contain barcode information so they are automatically routed to the right customer folders



customized workflow with the ability to recognize highlighted text and automated alerts to the physician.



View complete history in one file and find information faster and easily.


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