Mobility and Usability in Docuware


Mobility is a growing trend that is rapidly turning into a must-have for most companies. Forward thinking businesses will recognize that mobile services, devices, and applications are essential tools in the workplace and smartphones are no longer the future, they are 'the-now'.


Organisations must implement mobile technologies and strategies in order to remain competitive. Many also recognize the huge benefits this brings to a business in terms of enhanced productivity, accelerated efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Mobile devices and applications are now interacting with document management solutions and frameworks at an increasing rate. As more employees and customers demand access to information and services through their mobile devices, businesses need to proactively optimize their document management and processing strategies to ensure seamless user experiences at all times.

Mobility’s greatest value is in the fact that users have access to all the information they need through a device no bigger than their hand.


The challenge for businesses and large organisations today is to harness this flexibility so that they stay competitive, hang on to skilled, motivated workers and make the considerable savings this technology enables.

Webinar: How Cloud Based Document Management Enables Employee Mobility & Growth

Investing in a dedicated Document Management System does far more than provide a document management pool.

It empowers employee mobility and ultimately business growth via secure, transparent and efficiently compliant processes. 

View the webinar to learn how five crucial business and IT requirements are met by cloud document management and see a demo of mobile document management: 


  • Mobility to access, capture, route and approve documents – anytime, anywhere

  • Productivity to leave manual processes behind and focus on what matters

  • Agility to enable new features and adapt workflow

  • Scalability to grow with your business

  • Security to lock down your critical information

Adopt an “any-X” strategy

Your team’s best work can happen outside the walls and limitations of a traditional office. By embracing the inherent flexibility of mobile, knowledge workers can drive workflow forward in their individual context.

Initiate workflow: Snap a picture of a document and kick off a new process based on automatically indexed data.

Participate in processes: Route documents for approval, provide additional information or simply perform an ad-hoc search.

Complete tasks: Approve queries and make informed decisions at the point of need.

The “any-X” strategy supports real-time, agile business that operates beyond walls, working hours and stationary desktops. It thrives within a model of untethered worker freedom: anytime, any place, any device.


Time zones and hectic travel schedules are no longer a hurdle. Keep business moving in an asynchronous world.



Keep connected anywhere in the world: on the road, from a home office, in a satellite office, or anywhere with a network connection.

Any Place


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Any Device

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