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Organizations – regardless of industry – process vast amounts of documents in both digital and paper form. Industry research firm Gartner, Inc., estimates that as much as 3% of a company’s revenue is spent on paper, printing, filing, storing and maintaining files of information.

Furthermore, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year. It is also concluded that 50% of the waste of businesses is composed of paper. Apply this statistic to an organization of 100 or even 500 employees, and you quickly begin to appreciate the volume of documents moving through organizations.

These organizations usually perform best when they can capture, store, access, and manage documents with speed and efficiency. Without the hassle of cumbersome workflows. Without the difficulty of finding the information. Without the feeling that a file’s gone missing.

The chances are, your organization's no different. You probably recognize the inefficiencies of managing all this paper, and that tedious manual processes are impacting productivity. You likely also acknowledge there’s a better way of handling and managing all these documents.

Perhaps you’ve already implemented a solution in your own business and are reaping the benefits? If not, it may be time to embrace document management.

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A Digital Transformation journey can seem very overwhelming. Find out what you need to know and how to start the process.

Digital Transformations for SMB's:

What to know and how to start

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