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Organisations, schools and institutes all over the world are turning to cash free solutions to provide insight and convenience for their users. Monitors print and copy control systems charge document and other costs to centrally held accounts, with a swipe card or key in of a PIN. Staff can allocate a range of office activity to a departmental or client account code. The solution provides a simple user interface with a comprehensive database that captures transaction data for chargeable services. These services include copying, printing, vernding, laundry and much more.

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Monitor has earned an outstanding reputation for its high-quality cost and management solutions. They have spent twenty years developing comprehensive, yet lo-cost systems to reduce waste and expenditure in printing and copying.

Monitors print management and transaction management solutions use campus, library or access cards to charge services to budgets, to clients as disbursements, or to a students or patrons account.

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Libraries are the new centres of knowledge in communities as they embrace online information for their citizens, Along with book, journal and digital media lending, libraries are also now a hub for internet activity.

The modern library charges for print, copy, PC time and scans. Some charge for book loans and recover overdue fees and fines, Many have a retail store or cafe.

Monitors solutions manafe resources by tracking and charging for time or use while being largely self-service.


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Hospitals can collect revenue simply for meals, snacks and other services with easy to charge card technology.

Administrators can budget accurately for staff meal allowances when doctors are given an allowance that is tracked with a card.

The Monitor solution allows food service companies to charge the hospital the actual price of a doctors meal or deduct a subsidy.


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Monitors government and corporate solutions track and allocate documents, hone and courier activity effortlessly, with prompts on the desktop, or at the multi function printer.

At the centre is the sophisticated Supervisor Net software, which managed all the new cost drivers - rinting from the internet, scanning and emailing as well as copying, calls and faxes.

There's also the cost of staff time spent on the internet. An expense management system in any workplace now has to tackle the biggest inefficiency - inappropriate internet usage.


Online Ordering and POS
A complete advanced e-commerce system designed for educational, institutional and corporate environments
Monitor Online Ordering - changing the way your organisation works.


You and your users will have more freedom and flexibility to manage busy schedules. Monitor Online Ordering stands alone as an all-in-one solution, but is also part of the Monitor Business Solutions suite of products.


With Monitor Online Ordering, you’ll gain the power of Supervisor Net, an advanced database management system. Monitor’s modular and multifaceted software products mean you’ll always have the power of Monitor behind you, no matter how your organisation grows.

A complete solution for libraries.


Monitor Online Ordering is an intuitive web-based application that allows you to order and pay for almost anything in advance.

Users can make donations, buy/book event tickets, purchase items e.g headphones/USB/bags, order replacement cards and pay other fees, all can be selected and paid for from anywhere. Book in researcher time or English lessons, order your books in advance and purchase a ticket to the next session of Mums & Bubs - all from their device.

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