Move to Cloud

Move to the Cloud

Until the last decade, enterprise technology ran almost exclusively on racks of servers inside corporate data centers. New applications came with hefty implementation, integration, storage and security overhead. Appropriately, IT departments had big budgets and wide control.

The cloud shifts the layers of an IT stack — applications, storage, middleware, networking, security, computation horsepower — into a massive, redundant, globally distributed network of data centers. Now the only requirement for access is an internet connection.

The “right now” value of cloud office automation

Office automation combines document management and intelligent workflow to automate tedious, repetitive tasks and free up knowledge workers to focus on work that matters. It is central to a digital workplace.

When it comes to your journey to the cloud, there are few better places to start than document management and workflow automation that benefit processes within accounting and finance, human resources, legal and other departments.

The best part? Immediate return on investment.


Cloud office automation delivers the following benefits right away:

  • New room to innovate: Don’t just gain bottom-line efficiency: leverage your new pace of performance on work that contributes to top-line growth.

  • Connected customer experience: Deliver faster response times and more accurate decision-making across every touchpoint of the customer experience.

  • Zero-barrier participation: Central offices, remote workers, distributed teams and mobile individuals enjoy the same experience for complete process transparency.

  • Full compliance support: Continue to support HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, GDPR and other mandates.

Webinar: How Cloud Based Document Management Enables Employee Mobility & Growth

Investing in a dedicated Document Management System does far more than provide a document management pool.

It empowers employee mobility and ultimately business growth via secure, transparent and efficiently compliant processes. 

View our webinar to learn how five crucial business and IT requirements are met by cloud document management and see a demo of mobile document management: 


  • Mobility to access, capture, route and approve documents – anytime, anywhere

  • Productivity to leave manual processes behind and focus on what matters

  • Agility to enable new features and adapt workflow

  • Scalability to grow with your business

  • Security to lock down your critical information

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