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Construction, how can DocuWare help?

Complex construction projects require a high level of organisation, coordination and expertise.

DocuWare stores all of your documents in one central document pool. Employees can access materials around the clock, from anywhere in the world in seconds, no matter the data source or file format.


Document changes and collaboration of all team members are immediately visible. Projects can be executed efficiently on or below budget.


Storage and Management issues
  • Multiple uncontrolled copies of documents, i.e. stored in various locations, in various folders and as attachments to various emails.

  • Multiple versions of documents, no clarity on which is the latest approved version of a document

  • Old versions, unapproved or incomplete documents are forwarded to the client in error

  • Lack of consistent folder structure across projects, difficulty in finding  documents down the line

  • Version control: no template management, out-of-date templates are used to create new documents

  • No method of collating or linking documents without duplicating documents

  • Documents and/or whole folder structures are deleted or moved accidentally and not available remotely

  • Lack of defined user access rights

  • no workflow / authorization capability

  • Lack of alert to help staff chase documents or be aware of changes needed

Increased Cost & Risk
  • Staff can’t find documents or waste time searching. This is non-productive time which costs money and demonstrates a lack of transparency and compliance

  • Audits can be daunting, i.e. who checked and approved this document and when/why?

  • Creation of transmittals is time consuming, requiring the manual re-entry of existing data

  • A drain on IT staff to assign user permissions and restore deleted documents recurring issue

  • Varying collaboration methods means unclear processes. Communication are ad hoc and there is no true transparency

  • Difficulty in meeting working standards

  • The need to search other staff emails when they are on leave etc.

We can help you to identify risk and improve procedures with solutions that work across the business – each dept has their own filing structure within the main document pool all for a cost per head structure.


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How DocuWARE can help in Project Management

To keep pace, efficient and error-free project planning is key: a single mistake can add significant time and cost to a project. Managing and vital project documentation can often become  an enormous challenge.

Project participants may need access to project documentation for years to come regardless of their original format. Documents such as letters, email, meeting minutes, accounting records as well as blueprints, CAD drawings and photographs will all need to be available at any given time. Each and every day of a project, this living collection of documents is modified and new records are added. A single project can end up filling several file cabinets.

Paper documents are often lost between external sites, production facilities, labs or construction zones caught up in the world of faxes, couriers or scan centres when converting them to digital format.

Sending them to where they are actually needed is time consuming for all parties involved. Even if a company has done its best to store the information on the network, employees often have trouble opening them or using them off-site simply because they do not have the software in which the document has been generated.

Benefits of DocuWare

  • Real-time access to data from anywhere in the world

  • Data can be retrieved regardless of file format and data source

  • Simple structure of virtual project teams - to reduce costs and quickly complete projects

  • Electronic stamps reflect the status of each employee - better information management

  • Fewer errors

  • Individual project steps transparent enhanced legal security

  • Time lines streamlined, faster "Time to Market"


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