Moving HR data from paper processes to the digital age opens a world of opportunities for HR professionals, employers and employees.

Remote Access made easy with Electronic Document Management

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Manage all of your sensitive people data in one organized and secure HR database

Every employee’s records at your fingertip

Get ready to deliver a whole new level of expertise, transparency and value to your colleagues. Hundreds of organizations use DocuWare to centralize, organize and secure their employee records — and improve processes from recruiting to annual reviews to talent management.

Thanks to the single, secure employee database in DocuWare tracking employee records has never been easier. From standard categories like personal and payment info to as much custom data as you want, you have full control over all of your key data in one place, accessible from anywhere. DocuWare moves your HR database away from scattered spreadsheets and paper files forever, putting organized, centralized data at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Finding and Retaining the Right Staff

Your HR department has an important responsibility—attracting and retaining top talent for your organisation. The paper involved with processing documents—and manual emails to keep processes on track—shouldn’t take the focus away. But at too many organisations, the paper poses a problem. The paper is difficult to manage, and the processes involved in gathering employee information are difficult to enforce. 

DocuWare drives more effective hiring by enabling and connecting all team members involved in candidate selection. With a unified, fully digital process, staff can spend time discovering the best talent, not chasing documents.

Drive a new pace for hiring productivity when you:

  • Capture ad-hoc email, form-based applications and other sources into a single, fully searchable candidate pool

  • Move candidate information effortlessly through the chain of hiring decision-makers

  • Generate email notifications for any workflow event

  • Secure candidate information for complete data privacy

  • Complete the offer letter process

  • Ensure regulatory compliance with transparent processes

Expense Management

Make significant strides in empowering individual employees, managers and HR colleagues with self-service capabilities, from basic searching to portal integration.

3 Tips to get started on your HR Automation journey

Turn HR Drudgery into Strategic Advantage

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Understand how the DocuWare solution 
delivers value from day one 

Overcome the slow, manual drag of paper-based processes. Reclaim physical space lost to cumbersome storage and remove the costs of printing, shipping and physical archiving.


DocuWare captures, intelligently indexes, classifies, stores and then distributes paper and electronic documents to the right employees at the right time for fast, accurate decision-making.


When was an invoice recorded? Where is it right now? Who accessed it last? DocuWare traces every step in the lifecycle of a document for complete visibility


DocuWare automates and accelerates processes through digital workflows, connecting documents, tasks and people across distributed offices and mobile team members.


Get back up and running quickly when your financial information is digitized, archived and backed up to protect against fire, flood and other natural disasters.


DocuWare fortifies your company when it comes to audits and liability issues, securely storing documents and tracking business transactions.


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