Collaborations and Innovations are the key to Human Resource succcess

Human Resource (HR) Departments are usually concerned with how the company can operate in the most efficient and effective way with the same or lower number of employees, how to cut down on operating costs and how to tackle compliance with regulations.

Get ready to deliver a whole new level of expertise, transparency and value to your colleagues. Hundreds of organizations use DocuWare to centralize, organize and secure their employee records — and improve processes from recruiting to annual reviews to talent management.

Thanks to the single, secure employee database in DocuWare moves your HR database away from scattered spreadsheets and paper files forever, putting organized, centralized data at your fingertips whenever you need it.


Finding and hiring the right Staff

Your HR department has an important responsibility—attracting and retaining top talent for your organisation. The paper involved with processing documents—and manual emails to keep processes on track—shouldn’t take the focus away. But at too many organisations, the paper poses a problem. The paper is difficult to manage, and the processes involved in gathering employee information are difficult to enforce. 

DocuWare drives more effective hiring by enabling and connecting all team members involved in candidate selection. With a unified, fully digital process, staff can spend time discovering the best talent, not chasing documents.

Drive a new pace for hiring productivity when you:
  • Capture ad-hoc email, form-based applications and other sources into a single, fully searchable candidate pool

  • Move candidate information effortlessly through the chain of hiring decision-makers

  • Generate email notifications for any workflow event

  • Secure candidate information for complete data privacy

  • Complete the offer letter process

  • Ensure regulatory compliance with transparent processes

Automated Onboarding delivering Value

When a new employee is hired the process can involve a significant number of important documents; tax forms, benefit enrolments and employment contracts are common. Studies show that a typical onboarding document can take an average of 1.7 minutes or more to process. The result is over 30 minutes of data entry per employee. 

For a company with hundreds of employees, especially in high-turnover industries, reducing the time-consuming paper chase can result in dramatic savings and significantly reduce administrative overhead.

  • Ensure a productive start when you:

  • Capture employee information once and propagate into all forms

  • Organise all new employee documents into a single link for Day One productivity

  • Structure the sign-up process with automatic task distribution to all involved departments along with follow-up notifications for background checks, execution of the employee agreement and NDA, tax forms, benefit plan sign-ups and direct deposit information

  • Create on-boarding workflows for welcome packs, scheduling orientation, IT, equipment provisioning, and various system access rights

Drive Employee Engagement

Docuware secures every employee’s information in a unique personnel file that can be accessed by approved staff or by the employee via a password-protected link.

Enhance employee access and ongoing performance when you:

  • Integrate seamlessly with payroll programs

  • Move annual 360-degree performance reviews effortlessly through multiple departments and selected reviewers

  • Create workflows for time-off and sick day leave requests

  • File employee complaints or company correspondence

  • Encrypt the entire employee record and ensure compliance adherence


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