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DocuWare transforms finance into a profit-driving leader.

DocuWare process automation and document capture solutions enable organisation to replace traditional paper with digital documents that are easy to search, access, manage and process. In this way, it is possible to address the need of attracting new business and customers, more effectively serving existing clients, reducing costs, increasing profit, preventing fraud and meeting regulatory compliance issues.

Often, outdated paper and manual operations mean costs are recorded too late, approvals take too long, information must be pieced together from disconnected sources, and bookings can’t be completed. DocuWare document management and workflow automation helps your company leap beyond these barriers by going paperless, centralizing valuable document and process knowledge in one system, and integrating it directly with your ERP for a truly complete information picture.

Accounts payable: quickly record and book costs

Take big steps in achieving digital transformation in your accounts payable department.


DocuWare captures paper and electronic invoices and automatically matches them to purchase orders, provides customizable workflow to manage the approval process, and then posts the approved amounts back to the general ledger through pre-built ERP integrations.

Get rid of paper, avoid clerical errors, reduce invoice handling, streamline approval and eliminate manual entry. Most importantly: recapture valuable time for higher-value tasks.

Achieve a new pace in payables when you:

  • Validate invoices for accuracy and use DocuWare self-learning intelligent indexing to match invoices with related purchase orders

  • Route invoices in a multi-step approval process, even supporting split code billing for multiple approvals

  • Directly import invoices to defined and easily searchable file structures

  • Dynamically handle exception-level approvals and reprocess rejected invoices

  • Automatically post approved invoice amounts directly back to the ERP system


With DocuWare, you can process invoices promptly, keep track of due dates and status changes, and significantly improve cash flow management.

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delivers value from day one 

Overcome the slow, manual drag of paper-based processes. Reclaim physical space lost to cumbersome storage and remove the costs of printing, shipping and physical archiving.


DocuWare captures, intelligently indexes, classifies, stores and then distributes paper and electronic documents to the right employees at the right time for fast, accurate decision-making.


When was an invoice recorded? Where is it right now? Who accessed it last? DocuWare traces every step in the lifecycle of a document for complete visibility


DocuWare automates and accelerates processes through digital workflows, connecting documents, tasks and people across distributed offices and mobile team members.


Get back up and running quickly when your financial information is digitized, archived and backed up to protect against fire, flood and other natural disasters.


DocuWare fortifies your company when it comes to audits and liability issues, securely storing documents and tracking business transactions.


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