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Scheduling and Freight record processing with DocuWare

Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management - it's an industry that's constantly changing under the pressure of new competitors from emerging markets, shifting toll/tariff costs and fluctuating fuel prices.

The Transport and Logistics industry is governed by much legislation and by many regulations. This is not surprising, considering the serious consequences of system failures such as rail or road accidents or pollution disasters.

More than ever, success for companies working in this space depends on having the most cost effective, efficient and flexible business processes, in addition to stellar customer service.


Persevering with IT 

Only with modern IT solutions can make a company processes more economically sound and find ways to provide new innovative services.


At the heart of all these processes and services are documents. The paper ones might first come to mind, like bills of lading, shipping slips and roll lists. But documents are also in electronic formats such as correspondences and statements.


Organisations adopting Document Management solutions are able to make the most of information found in all their documents, regardless of source and remain competitive.

Processes put to the test

Lots of companies are hard-pressed to keep up with today's busy pace. When a driver returns from a delivery, freight documents are often copied several times before being handed off to administration. Days, sometimes weeks, go by before you can send out invoices.

Customer service struggles as well since electronic correspondences are often filed separately from delivery notes and invoices. Often, departments maintain different filing ways such as filing numerically whilst others may be alphabetically.


With DocuWare, it's all different. Every authorized employee can access documents in seconds with a mouse click - around the clock and around the world.



Invoicing in Slow Motion

How long is it taking your company to invoice?


A typical invoicing scenario looks like this: freight records containing a delivery receipt signed by the customers are returned to headquarters. 


They are copied and sorted several times before heading to the accounting department. Invoices are then generated according to customer conditions, but first they head back by company mail to an agent, where it's checked over and authorized.


Your company has to carry all the time and expense incurred during this slow process.


Reporting in seconds

Everything is different with DocuWare: an invoice can be generated as soon as a delivery receipt comes in.


An intelligent barcode label is immediately affixed to the record and scanned and depending on the number - which might contain a customer or job number - a workflow is automatically launched which in turn automatically stores the document and notifies an employee to review it for discrepancies.

If none are found, the invoice can immediately be generated.

If discrepancies are found, they can quickly be resolved and invoiced. Invoices are turned around in seconds helping to improve your company's cash flow.


New Proof of Delivery APP

Paytec have developed their very own POD app.


Track your deliveries and reduce the customer calls dramatically with an automatic real-time tracking system. 


The App is an advanced electronic Proof of Delivery app; all-in-one mobile solution for effective and efficient real-time delivery monitoring and confirmation.


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