The transport and logistics industry is characterised by a high degree of consolidation and volume growth.

Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Scheduling and Freight Record Processing with DocuWare

The Transport and Logistics industry is governed by much legislation and by many regulations. This is not surprising, considering the serious consequences of system failures such as rail or road accidents or pollution disasters.

Integrated Document Management (IDM) speeds up business processes, such as “time to invoice“, by reducing search and filing times. In DocuWare's central document pool, employees can find any document they need - even those from other applications - with one mouse click. Watch productivity grow while customer service response times shrink. Your company's competitive edge is secured.

No matter the format or source, DocuWare takes paper-based and electronic data and gathers it all in one central document pool - records, letters, lists, files, e-mail, you name it.


DocuWare, even in its most basic package, supports all types of Electronic Signatures and can be easily integrated in foreign applications.


And with the web, this electronic archive can be accessed by anyone who is authorized — around the clock, around the world.

Benefits of DocuWare

  •  Accurately and electronically store a high volume of documents

  • Speed up time-to-invoice with efficient workflow automation

  •  Cost effective document management, regardless of source

  •  Reduced search and filing times

  •  Access to all documents, even

    from external systems

  •  Transparent business processes

  •  Less storage space

Remote Access made easy with Electronic Document Management

Recorded Webinar

Transit Documents

Intelligent indexing of data from Bill of Lading line items, Certificates of Origin, Commercial Invoices etc.

Accounts Payable

Swift invoice processing for accurate and timely payment of suppliers’ invoices

Vehicle Documentation

Capture, processing and digital archiving of all necessary fleet documentation.

Proof of Delivery

Capture and submission of Delivery Receipts and signed Bills of Lading via mobile devices.

Understand how the DocuWare solution 
delivers value from day one 

Overcome the slow, manual drag of paper-based processes. Reclaim physical space lost to cumbersome storage and remove the costs of printing, shipping and physical archiving.


DocuWare captures, intelligently indexes, classifies, stores and then distributes paper and electronic documents to the right employees at the right time for fast, accurate decision-making.


When was an invoice recorded? Where is it right now? Who accessed it last? DocuWare traces every step in the lifecycle of a document for complete visibility


DocuWare automates and accelerates processes through digital workflows, connecting documents, tasks and people across distributed offices and mobile team members.


Get back up and running quickly when your financial information is digitized, archived and backed up to protect against fire, flood and other natural disasters.


DocuWare fortifies your company when it comes to audits and liability issues, securely storing documents and tracking business transactions.


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