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Keeping Private Matters Private - DocuWare Cloud

Companies have secrets and unique features that set them apart. For example, Coca-cola has managed to keep the recipe of its classic beverage, a secret for more than a hundred years. This is probably true for your company as well.

So do you want to do everything you can to protect your special inventions, product features or production methods away from public viewing?

for this reason, it's critical that your data is highly protected in the DocuWare Cloud, where all processes are compliant and fail -safe. This makes sure you can take advantages of the great opportunities and competitive boost offered by digitisation and protect your critical information at the same time.

For DocuWare Cloud all documents and data are stored in a location that is the same as the customer's region, so everything is subject to the same local data privacy policies as with an on-premise system.

All Documents in the DocuWare Cloud are kept triple redundant at each site. This also applies to the mirrored data at the second site, several hundred kilometers away. The network infrastructure is visualised and the virtual network is isolated, so all data traffic cannot be viewed from outside the network.

The infrastructure is constantly available, which is essential for service. To ensure this, measures are taken in all areas that exclude a single point of failure and , in many cases, even provide three or fourfold protection for critical components. We'll continue to help you keep your secrets on into the future and within your cloud strategy.

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