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YSoft Mobility Print Making Life Easier

Mobility Print is all about making life easier for the end users offering the choice and freedom to print from whatever device is at their disposal.


Mobile Print enables users to send print jobs from their smartphones or other mobile devices and pick up their print jobs later at any printer in a company’s YSoft SafeQ network.

Send print jobs from your mobile device via email or the Mobile Print web interface. Print documents in a variety of formats (PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, JPEG, PNG, and many more).

How Mobile Print simplifies your life:


With Mobile Print, our employees, business partners or students can easily print anything from their private devices, without me having to waste time installing printer drivers on every one of those devices.

Company Manager:

Mobile Print enhances the productivity of employees. For example, on their way to a meeting, they can send documents to print directly from their mobile device and print them when they arrive. Mobile Print is highly beneficial even inside the office as colleagues do not have to return to their desk every time they need to print something – they can send the print job directly from their mobile phone.


The option to print anything “on the fly” – whether remotely from home, on the way to work, or from the corridor of the company office – greatly facilitates an employees work. Arriving at a meeting unprepared never happens because I can send documents to print immediately – for instance, when they are received by email in an attachment.

With Mobile Print, you can print from any device at hand and not bound to the corporate network. all you need is a smartphone with Internet connection and you can send the job to a printer from, for example, from home, restaurant, plane, train, bus, or car – this module enables you to send jobs to print from literally anywhere.

YSoft SAFEQ Mobile Terminal APP

The YSoft SafeQ Mobile Print App is a companion solution for a mobile workforce. It allows sending and printing files from mobile devices via End User UI and Mobile Print Server.

If you’d like some information on how the YSoft solution can assist your organisation reach out to the Paytec office today at or call the office on 08 8464 0333.


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