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Step by Step into the Cloud

Use software right from the cloud instead of installing it all yourself? Increasingly, this is becoming a question of when and not if. Many companies want to switch to the cloud with their IT systems. That's why DocuWare makes sure you have all the support you need to follow this path – step by step. The future lies in the cloud. Many modern software solutions are now only offered with a cloud usage model. After initial skepticism, users and IT departments are quickly becoming convinced of the advantages: no server hardware, no worries about updates and backups, and flexible licensing solutions are just a few of them.

With the variety of applications that are commonly used within a company, switching to the cloud cannot happen overnight. But it is important to begin and take that first step with DocuWare.

Thanks to Local Data Connector, DocuWare Cloud makes it easy to access information and data stored within your on-premises systems, so you’ll never have to go without all your data. There are many applications for these kinds of integrations, including:

  • Enhancement of index entries

  • Validation of index terms

  • Integration of data into workflows

You can even integrate your SAP system into DocuWare Cloud with a new interface recently certified by SAP. All documents that are needed for a business process can therefore be retrieved at any time at the press of a button, both from SAP and from DocuWare.

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