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Personnel Files: The Benefits of Digitizing

Every company is free to decide how it handles personnel documents – in conventional paper files or digital methods. However, digital files are a must for modern, service-oriented HR management.

In the HR department, it’s not uncommon to still find walls filled up with file cabinets. Use DocuWare to take full advantage of the benefits of digital personnel files. Here are five top reasons...

1. Minimize Administrative Effort

Job applications, personnel questionnaires, sick leave requests, annual reviews: DocuWare consistently manages HR documents from all sources. This saves space and, above all, time: instead of running to the filing cabinet, you can conveniently access digital files from your desk. In many cases automatic import and indexing features ensure neatly organized storage. Payroll statements, for example, can be sorted directly into the digital files using a print command from any payroll program. Paper documents are scanned into files (and can then head to the shredder).


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