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How Healthcare can benefit from Print Management

Secure critical patient records, print around the clock and future-proof your processes all while cutting costs and reducing paper waste. YSoft SafeQ’s standard security features, simplifies your print environment, improves system uptime and aids in meeting HIPAA and other regulatory compliances.


The Healthcare Challenges

Hospitals are continually tasked with cutting costs in ways that don't diminish quality of care. Providing quality healthcare with ever decreasing budgets, increased costs, new legislative reforms all whilst ensuring patient confidentiality presents major challenges for many healthcare providers.

Employees in the healthcare sector have to print and copy a wide range of documents on a regular basis, including patient notes and daily activity sheets. Printed documents that contain patient data, reporting requirements and much more are relied upon by medical professionals as part of their duty to offer proper care. However, the reality, as is common in across all industry, is that much of the costs are borne from non-essential printing habits and inefficient workflows.

YSoft SafeQ - 'The' Print Management Solution

What’s the answer? Introducing a print management strategy not only has the potential to reduce printing costs significantly within these environments, but it can also improve organisational efficiency and information.

For example, a print management solution like YSoft SafeQ can help hospitals and healthcare organisations create and enforce printing rules and track which employee has printed which documents. As a result, the organisation will streamline document workflows, reduce print volumes and even bolster overall security efforts.

In addition to this, YSoft SafeQ helps healthcare organizations manage confidential and sensitive documents by holding those jobs in the printer’s queue until an authorizing person swipes or enters an ID number to release the job maintaining patient confidentiality.

But the benefits of the solution are many:

Print Management is truly enabling care providers to concentrate on patient care, increase customer satisfaction and seize control of their budget.

Want to discover more benefits of YSoft SafeQ in the Healthcare Industry?

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